Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back in the Osa, CR

Back in the Osa.  All the familiar sights, sounds, smells. The heat, the humidity. I am struck by how the once-exotic has become familiar, common, comforting.
  • The melodic sing-song sliding notes of the Clay Colored Robin announcing the coming dawn
  • Followed by the insistent call of the pipsqueak Riverside Wren, "the sun is up, the sun is up…"
  • The raucous squawking arguments of Scarlet Macaw couples passing overhead
  • The haunting call of the toucan
  • The guttural growly huffing barks of the Howler Monkeys claiming their place
  • The comic acrobatic ease of Spider Monkeys passing through the canopy
  • The startling electric blue flash of of a Morpho Butterfly winging erratically by
  • The improbable purple-orange hustle of Halloween Crabs in the leaf duff at night
  • The magic of glowbugs in the dark
  • Fruit setting on the mango trees--monkey bait and promise of mischief to come
  • A carpet of yellow; freshly fallen flowers of the Cortez Amarillo

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